MingDa MC 2A3 Preamplifier

R118,000.00 R59,000.00


The updated products is a symbol that Meixing Factory is coming to a new level.MC-2A3 is produced meticulously,using the Fanuc CNC and lathe bought from Japan at the end of 2010.

The entire case is made by a 6mm thick aluminum alloy and the machine feet consists of aluminum alloy as well as the shockproof rubber ring.
The factory chooses the chief electronic script. For example,the electronic tube adopts the international brand called JJ in Czech.The tube 2A3 is made by Meixing Factory and the annealed silicon steel imported as well as anaerobic copper wire against high temperature from Janpan.
The other materials included in this product is as follows:Jensen copper oil capacitors from Denmark,slivering imported signal line,imported connector,ALPS Potentiometer from Japan,imported aluminum electrolytic capacitor of high pressure,remote controlled handle made by aluminum,imported protective cover of Acrylic and the machine is produced by hand-welded.It is valuable to have one.
STRENGTH:Not a syrupy tube sound, but extreemly natural and transparent.
Works with any amp – I use a 100w solid state Quad, but will shift to SET tube when funds allow.
Capable of going up sereral levels as it was not embarrassed by $15k tube monoblocks – borrowed and sadly returned.
WEAKNESS:22 kg!!!!! And BIG. So not rack friendly. Although the unit is so visually stunning it does deserve its own setting.
No balance control was a worry, but does not seem to be a problem in use, although I would prefer to have one.

Without doubt a giant killer. Friends with $10k tube pre amps go very quiet when the Ming is up to heat and strutting its stuff. Tube rolled to reduce hum with matched 6922 from the Tubestore in Canada – which they sent to Auckland, New Zealand (my home) with no fuss.
Funny, no mainstream reviews – is it a conspiracy – can something be too cheap, or too good?

STRENGTH:Sound quality!! I am a tube afficionado for the most part, but many use a tube preamplifier with a solid state amplifier, i.e. Pass Labs. My amplifiers are 300B monobloc’s with about 7-8 watt output each. Also use efficient vintage Tannoy speakers. Low price.

WEAKNESS:Size and weight could be problem for some.

Without doubt the best tube (or solid state) preamplifier I have ever heard! Initally somewhat skeptical because of the relatively low price and Chinese origin. What a pleasant surprise to hear such a glorious , energetic, effortless, truly natural sound- – unlike other tube preamps I have listened to. Not muddy or “overly tubey”, but very lifelike without coloration. There are nine vacuum tubes, including (2) 2A3’s, (1) EL34, (3) 6SN7’s, and (3)6922’s. Has point to point wiring and high build quality — and more than adequate gain.Weighs 47 lbs. Comes with a remote with volume control and muting. Overall, a fantastic value for the nominal price.


Technical parameters:
  • Gain: 19dB
  • Output voltage: 0.1V – 8V
  • Output impedance: 600Ω
  • Input sensitivity: 1000mV
  • Distortion: ≤0.3%
  • XLR input impedance: 2.4K
  • RCA input impedance: 100K
  • Power consumption: 75W
  • SNR: 92dB
  • XLR input selection: 1 group
  • RCA input selection: 4 groups
  • Output selection: 2 groups
  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 150KHz (+0dB -1 dB)
  • Tube: 6SN7 (special customized) * 2,  2A3 (special customized) * 4
  • Input voltage: AC 110v-120v or 220v-240v 50/60hz
  • Size: 38cm x 6cm x 26cm
  • Net weight: 21KG