DEQX PreMate D/A processor/digital equalizer (2 available)

R68,000.00 R28,000.00


Note: 2x units available. Black and Silver


Description: Stereo control preamplifier with DSP-based speaker/room correction and 24-bit A/D & 32-bit D/A conversion.


2 analog at +17dBu (XLR, RCA),

5 digital (TosLink, S/PDIF RCA, S/PDIF BNC, AES/EBU XLR, USB),

1 XLR microphone with 48V phantom power.


4 analog (L/R Main XLR & RCA, L/R Woofer XLR & RCA),

1 full-range digital (BNC), RS-232 port and USB port for computer control.

DSP: Dual Analog Devices SHARC 32-bit floating point.

System latency: typically 15ms with speaker correction.

Crossover slopes: 6–300dB/octave.

Analog input impedance: 50k ohms.

Balanced output level: 4.4V RMS default, 2.0V RMS minimum, 8.8V RMS maximum.

Unbalanced output level: 2.2V RMS default, 1.0V RMS minimum, 4.4V RMS maximum. THD: 0.0005%, analog– analog.
Dimensions: 17.8″ (430mm) W by 3.8″ (97mm) H by 12.8″ (325mm) D. Weight: 14 lbs (6.35kg).
Serial number of unit reviewed: HDP-P/M-12052013-07.
Price: $4995 with USB input and calibrated Dayton measurement microphone. DEQX XS-1 USB-Audio Option costs $495. DEQX calibration by online DEQXpert service or by dealer takes one to two hours at $99/hour. Onsite installation, including DEQXpert calibration costs $399. Approximate number of dealers: 6, plus sold on-line. Warranty: 2 years, transferable if purchased from authorized dealer.
Manufacturer: DEQX Production, 4/18 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW 2153, Australia. Tel: (61) 2-9905-6277. Fax: (61) 2-9905-8066. Web:


DEQX PreMate D/A processor/digital equalizer

I am unequivocal about my enthusiasm for the speaker-calibration capabilities of the DEQX PreMate. It made my very good speakers undeniably better, smoother and cleaner, and endowed them with a bigger soundstage. It made dense, complicated music easier to resolve, and all music more of a joy to hear. Add to that the PreMate’s DAC, whose outstanding performance was clearly revealed by feeding it a diet of standard and high-definition (up to 24-bit/192kHz) digital sources via its S/PDIF and USB inputs. The user must be prepared to spend time and pay close attention to learning how to apply DEQX, but the rewards will amply justify those efforts. A paradigm for future stereo systems should be the one I put together, with source selection, processing, control, DSP, and DAC all contained in a single remote-controlled component: the DEQX PreMate. I can’t imagine what more one could ask for.