So where did AudioExchange start?
It was a combination of my love for the hobby. Meaningful Music, Stunning Equipment and friends to share it with.

When I was 18 years old I got exposed to my first HIGH END HiFi system at a HiFi show in the Elgro Hotel in Potchefstroom. It was a Krell FPB, Magneplanar MG-20 and Linn LP12 combination. The song was Chris Rea’s newest album Road To Hell, 1989.
I was stunned and totally lost. Born into a family where HiFi is an impossible luxury, I promised myself : “One day….one day Ill have this”. That motivated me immensely.

I love the people, the friendships, the innovation. I love good music. I LOVE good sounding equipment.
Suddenly my hobby of buying and selling grew beyond just me with my hobby slowly becoming my work. How great can that be ?!

And here we are…at another new beginning…. I hope to contribute to an amazing community and make even more friends!

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    Dag Stereo Amp Meter

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