How does AEX operate ?

Operating Hours

We are open Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00, mostly by appointment

Saturdays are demo days, so 09:00 to 18:00 – Just walk in 👌👍

WhatsApp – Anytime, but Ill try keep replies to working hours. Unless the client is super excited and I can help fan the flames 😉

Cellphone calls – Ill endeavor to always answer during working hours. Evenings also if possible, not after 22:00

SUNDAYS – I wont be available to answer but feel free to WhatsApp or e-mail

e-mail – Anytime obviously

Facebook Marketplace – Ill answer ASAP and endeavor to answer every request

How to SELL

Please send me:

Info: Photos as much as possible, model numbers are imperative. Condition please ? Mint really means, dust free and even the box is crisp. Most 2nd hand items reach me as VG (Very Good) to NM (Near Mint).

VG really describes an item that is still stunning and no glaring scratches.

Expected prices. Please understand, I work on a 15% commission. So I have to balance the selling price and demand. I will very plainly with NO malice inform you if the price is excessive AND also when too low 😮. I have a good feeling what prices are achievable, and a database on selling prices, for SOUTH AFRICA.

I know the eBay prices (mostly stupid high) and also HiFiShark (EU and USA) prices. I also see the VERY low prices from sites like Yahoo Auctions, Quoka. BEWARE, there are easier ways to be scammed. I have had more than 10 people that have been scammed. It doesn’t mean that if its a 1st world country, you wont be scammed!

Location of stock: I manage to get 150% BETTER sales with equipment present in the shop and available to demo. That said, some equipment I just CANNOT bring here to the shop unless I organize a rigger team. (Wilson Audio Syncro’s as example).

Boxes, Boxes and again Boxes. Its actually very important, and affects the selling price AND shipping.

Remotes and microphones, feet, manuals are important. Really try and keep the system complete. That way your selling price will always be better and sell easier than a similar cheaper item without its clothing and makeup. 👍


Risk: I take FULL responsibility for the equipment at my showroom

I do NOT demo your equipment at a client unless I have your permission. I sometimes have to go demo very high end items as they must power clients systems.

Offers: I wont present sellers with ALL the incoming offers as some are just plain rude and stupid. 😡 When I judge an offer to be reasonable Ill approach the seller. Buyers, please don’t be offended if I tell you upfront if your offer is too low and that I wont approach the seller. 😱

NO, an item on the site for over a year doesn’t necessarily mean its discount time. Sometimes maybe the price should be increased due to inflation 😁

Inspection: I WILL open most amplifiers that arrive. I am an Electronic Engineer and knows the equipment. I have to protect BOTH buyer and seller by inspecting equipment. Why ?

Sometimes the seller might not even know his equipment is not in optimal condition. Especially amplifiers where about 10% of amplifiers I get in have swollen capacitors. Preamplifiers where controls need proper cleaning.

Cleaning: I have trained my guys very very well on how to clean items properly, what cleaning materials to use and liquids. And NO, you cant have it back after I cleaned/restored it for you 😊

Repair: I will present the seller with a solution to rectify the issue. I do NOT take profit on fixes as principle. I make use of the BEST electronic and speaker repair people.

I can also assist in having your high end equipment repaired.

VAT174 form: This is NOT a tax or VAT form that has bearing on YOU the seller. I need to fill in the form to show AEX is NOT laundering money or buying stolen goods. Its NOT sent in to SARS. Its only when AEX is audited to provide proof of purchases.

VAT: AEX is VAT registered. There will always be vat included


I have card facilities available. Expect a 3% surcharge as the banks demand their profit

EFT always accepted. Pickup ONLY when the funds shows.

Refund: Sellers, please note. The buyer has 7 days in which time he can return the item in original condition. It happens rarely but you have to be prepared to refund.

Terms: In rare cases, if the seller agrees, I can offer terms up to 3 months, maybe in RARE cases 6 months. I will require a substantial (15%-30%) deposit that will be paid over to the seller. And its NOT refundable. The moment the item is RESERVED, the seller and AEX will lose potential sales (almost 100% of the time) and hence no refund.

The item STAYS with AEX until fully paid

I will deduct my 15% from the deposit as well.

Cash will be accepted


Costs: The costs involved with shipping is for the Buyer. I know people like to throw in a last “Ill take it if you include shipping”. Gosh, no, then let us rather fix a all inclusive price WITHOUT that surprise statement at the end.

Delivery: I can deliver in and around Gauteng. I will consider delivery in rest of SA on items I import. Please understand that on 2nd hand items the margin is, as said 15%, so delivery has to be excluded. That said, some items I PREFER to deliver myself. I have had clients organize their own shipping and things went horribly wrong.

Couriers: I use The Courier Guy for less valuable shipments. They have destroyed and damaged items before. But still better than most other I have tried. Star Express is my preferred courier for valuable items. They also pack for me and its always EXCELLENT. I prefer DHL only for overseas as they are 3x more expensive locally. MDS Collivery is also reliable. I CANNOT comment on others as I havent used them yet.

Local pickup: Preferred, and Ill help package items for safe transport. I have learnt a lot about transport where even the softest rubber mat ruined a speakers finish.