DIY 2015

Martin’s AMAZING horns, Stu’s horns on the right
Geco amplifier

Rudi’s Amazing open baffle speakers, phonostage on the left

FAR RIGHT: Master Alan Hobkirk, next to him his masterpiece SE amplifier

Right: Another surprise was the Alpair full range TLs, built by Johan_HP and his partner in crime. Alpair 4″ full rangers in a Alpair transmission line box.

Jrobson’s Fostex rear horns were engaging, colourful and fun. The sonosubs added some real weight to a punchy combination.

FAR RIGHT: Ghostinthemachine’s Moxy turntable. Famously it was auditioned by AVSA. Not sure what the exact material is, but it is an engineering plastic.

This one deserves a special mention – Lourens’ turn table that he build from stuff he found lying around. Like Francois said, playing through the vintage equipment it sounded really good.

Norval’s 2.5ways had something quite magic going on. Pick of the show for me. Laid back and authoritative with a very pleasant treble.

Source in picture was a Raspberry Pi 2B + Ti BB PCM5122 i2s based (24bit/192Khz) DAC from IQAudio. This left plenty of CPU to run squeezebox server and squeezelite on the Quad-core Pi. Music was from USB flash drive.