DEQX A250 (250w x 2) Stereo Amplifier

R32,000.00 R15,000.00


Key specifications (all amplifiers)
Frequency response 10 Hz – 50 kHz (+0/−3 dB)
Distortion < 0.0018% (< 10Hz – 20kHz AES17)
Dampling factor > 1000 (f < 20 kHz, Load = 4Ω)


Power output
A500x1 A250x2, A250X3 Low/Mid A250x3 High
Maximum power, 4 ohms*1 400 WRMS 250 WRMS 100 WRMS
Maximum power, 8 ohms*1 500 WRMS 200 WRMS 100 WRMS

*1. 1 kHz, THD=1%, both channels driven.


DEQX A250x2 Stereo Amplifier

Famous Australian manufacturer DEQX has released a range of multichannel and monobloc amplifiers based on Hypex N-Core technology.

We’ve been looking for ways to offer the customers of our processors the highest-end amplifier performance that’s affordable because many DEQX users need two or three amplifiers per speaker for DEQX’s 3rd generation speaker/room correction architecture,’ said Kim Ryrie of DEQX. ‘Our third generation active architecture provides about a hundred times more DSP processing compared to traditional DSP, but it is needed to deliver the potentially perfect frequency and timing/phase response calibration inherent in high-definition music sources.

The most powerful of the new releases is the DEQX A500 monobloc power amplifier, which uses Hypex N-Core modules in bridged topology to deliver a rated 500-watts into 8Ω.

The DEQX A250x2 is a two channel amplifier, rated at 250-watts per channel, that can be used as a traditional stereo amplifier to drive conventional passive speakers, or to drive a single bi-ampable (bi-wirable) or two-way active speaker. When used with a DEQX preamp processor to bi-wirable passive speakers for example, it allows separate calibration of bass with DEQX room correction then mid/high calibration using DEQX speaker correction.

The DEQX A250x3 three-channel amplifier is designed for three-way active speakers. Two of the channels, each of which is rated at 250-watts into 4Ω are used to power the bass and midrange drivers respectively, while the third channel (rated at 100-watts) is used to power the tweeter.

All three new DEQX amplifiers have balanced inputs and 12V trigger standby inputs that can be initialised from most DEQX models. Available now, the DEQX A500 retails for $US$1,345, the DEQX A250x2 retails for $US1,345 and the DEQX A250x3 retails for $US1,495.