Zingali Twenty Evo 1.2 (Demo)

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Omniray technology: A revolutionary and extraordinarily effective project

When you look at a “Zingali Acoustics” label on a loudspeaker, you are looking at more than a simple logo. You’re observing a project philosophy. Listen to him, you’ll convince yourself that there are no competitors.

This philosophy began when in 1986, Giuseppe Zingali creates a company that has as its aim the production of Hi-fi systems and Studio Monitors, using only professional hi-quality components, installed in cabinet of valuable wood and strong visual impact.

After years of research and development, in 1995, a groundbreaking wooden horn called “OMNIRAY” was set up. The State of the art for the reproduction of mid-high frequencies: the products which use the Omniray technology open a new window into the world of musical reproduction.

The sound image and the timbre of all musical instruments are reproduced in a correct and realistic way, able to reconstruct to perfection all the orchestral backdrop, with extraordinary dynamics and a balance of all instruments never heard with regular loudspeakers systems.

Especially when they’re listened indoors and in small rooms, the traditional Horn systems are often recognizable by a strongly “nasal” sound, combined with a highly unidirectional dispersion, that makes lose many sound details in off-axis listening. These features partially justify the generic preference for conventional transducers.

But Horn systems offer also many advantages compared with conventional transducers, such as efficiency and dynamics, which make them the ideal ones for the reproduction of sound in combination with tube amplifiers, even low-powered, the audiophiles’ favourite ones.

For this reason, Zingali has almost exclusively directed its energies into developing a horn system able to reproduce mid-high frequencies without compromises.

This aim was achieved with the creation of “Omniray Technology”, an exclusive patent of Zingali Acoustics.

Technical features of the Omniray system

The main technical details that made it possible to achieve these results are:

The circular shape of the horn, which allows a 360 degrees sound radiation with an angle of dispersion of up to 140 degrees.

The depth of the horn of only 13 cm, which along with its sole expansion profile, allows a complete control of the sound output, with a range of frequencies from 500 to 20,000 Hz +/-1.5 dB.

Until recently, Zingali has built high fidelity systems, Control systems and Studio Monitor using the JBL Professional components for woofers and drivers. Then, thanks to the cooperation and joint research with two Italian producers of speakers, it started to offer a new line of loudspeakers with exclusive components Zingali branded and specifically designed to extol the “Omniray Technology”.

This development has enabled us to contain production costs at the same time improving sound quality in our loudspeakers, increasing the acoustic details so to reproduce sound sceneries without parallel in the world.

Also the efficiency of the single loudspeaker has grown by around 3 dB values, allowing the handling even at very low power amplifiers while maintaining a perfect sound system in a rather extensive environments.

On the other hand, we are as usual personally responsible of the construction of the wooden “Omniray” horn (obtained from the Toulipier wood, the American yellow poplar, rough machined and finished by hand in our factory), of the filters, and cabinet, with our unique system of bass-reflex connection called “Multi Slit”.


With a bass reflex system type, these speakers have a comp. driver of 1″ – Coil 44mm and a woofer of 1×12″ Coil 75mm.

They have a Omniray GZ 12″ horn with 500 W (AES) power RMS.

They have 6 ohm nominal imp. and 30Hz – 21 kHz freq.

Response, 1000 Hz 12 dB/Oct Cx. frequency,

96 dB (1W/ 1mt) sensitivity.