Vandersteen 2Ce Signature Speakers + 2 x 2 m VdH Teatrack Bi-wire cable


From Owner

Vandersteen 2Ce Signature in black. Mint not a mark as new. one very careful owner since new, kept in a pet and smoke free environment, played in a complex never been hammered.
With sand filled tripod stands.
Original packing and boxes
Custom made slip over full length dust covers.
2 X 2 meters of Van den Hul Teatrack bi wire speaker cable.

These speakers have to be bi-wired they just do not sound good with jumpers.
As insisted on by the manufacturer.
Van den Hul bananas amp end, lugs to fit the binding strip on the speaker end.
These cables realy do these speakers justice, they sing on them, hence sold with the speakers.

These Speakers speak for themselves; when properly set up (this is important read the manual Richard Vandersteen knows what he is talking about) They will then be at their best, and deliver a fully satisfying real life musical experience.
These speakers are for those who love listening to music above all other things in their set up.
The biggest selling high end speaker of all time in it’s various incarnations; first introduced in 1977 and still in production in it’s basic design.
Time and phase aligned.

Fantastic open mid range, deep detailed bass that goes down to 29Hz,
Open extended clean detailed top end. Absolutely no hint of listener fatigue will be experienced with these speakers. They have the openness resolution and clarity of the best electrostatics with the dynamics they often lack.
They sound just as good off and on axis.
They respond incredibly well to any upgrades in the amplification, and source chain, they just get better the better you feed them.

Plenty of reviews and views on the net.
Rated Full Range Class B by Sterophile Magazine
Placed at No. 3 on the ladder in the forty years of Sterophile’s hot 100 products.
Runner up for speaker of the year for 2007.

This particular pair is the last batch made before the introduction of the current Signature 2. Considerable modifications were made to this batch by Richard Vandersteen.
Basically this pair is the Signature 2 prototype.

This is a speaker you can build an incredibly sounding musical high-end system around for a very reasonable, and sane amount of money.
They are an easy drive, and perform very very well with good valve amplification; a good push pull triode switchable valve amp in the region of 30-40Wpc push pull 12-18Wpc triode will be more than enough power to get them singing.
An SET amp unless it is in the region of 20Wpc + will not do them justice.
Any half decent solid state amp 40Wpc and up will work fine.
Remembering that the better the amp the better the sound, every time, lots of room for play, if that is your bag.

An audio critic once wrote this; which is the best value all-round $10,000 speaker,
The Vandersteen 2 they do everything well, not just some things, like a lot of other high end speakers

Auditions welcome.





Three-way, floorstanding loudspeaker.
1″ dual-chamber ScanSpeak metal-alloy-dome tweeter with ferrofluid cooling,
4½” ScanSpeak polycone midrange unit with diecast basket and ferrofluid cooling,
8″ Vifa polycone woofer with diecast basket and 1½” two-layer voice-coil,
10″ critically damped long-fiber-cone Active Acoustic Coupler.
Frequency response: 29Hz-29kHz, ±3dB, 32Hz-21kHz, ±1.5dB.
Crossover frequencies: 600Hz and 5kHz, first-order, 6dB/octave.
Sensitivity: 86dB/W/m. Impedance: 7 ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum.
Recommended amplification:

40-160Wpc into 8 ohms.