SVS Ultra revolution tower  gloss

R49,990.00 R28,000.00


The SVS Ultra Tower Surround speaker package came as close to earning a perfect 10 as any other speaker system we’ve heard in its price class. The only reason we aren’t awarding it a 10 is because we believe there is no such thing as the perfect speaker, and there probably never will be. Someone will find the SVS Ultra series too big and bulky, others may feel its high-frequency response is too forward or metallic, and others still will find some other reason to quibble. But for our money, this is the speaker system to beat this year and possibly for years to come.

For your investment, you can expect years of thrilling sound from this system. You will bathe in the glory of its wide and deep soundstage, you will marvel at its precise imaging, you will giggle at its muscular, yet nimble bass response and you will delight in its resolution of fine detail. Simply put, if you are in the market for a full-size, high-performance speaker system, you owe it to yourself to check out the SVS Ultra series. It’s just that good.



Frequency Response and Electro-Acoustic Data:
Bandwidth: 28 Hz – 32 kHz (3dB)
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 88dB
Recommended power: 20-300watts
Top midrange – to -tweeter crossover : 2kHz
Bottom midrange taper frequency: 950Hz
Dual midrange – to – woofer crossover 160Hz
Dimensions: ( H x W x D) 114.3 x35 x41.3 cm
Weight: 34.2 kgs
Acoustically transparent and FEA optimized grilles, wedge-shaped front baffle and flush-mounted drivers all contribute to reduce edge diffraction and improve on-axis high frequency response