Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home loudspeaker

R45,000.00 R22,000.00


With its combination of black leatherette, black lacquer, sculpted side panels, and brass trim, the Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano is a distinctively styled loudspeaker that many will find sleek and seductive-looking. Count me in.

But the real magic comes when you listen. This is among the more musically satisfying loudspeakers I’ve heard at any price—with an outstanding combination of strengths and few weaknesses I could detect. I kept the Grand Pianos in my system for about four months and enjoyed every listening minute.




Description: Two-way, floorstanding loudspeaker:
Drive-units: ¾” silk-dome tweeter, 7″ acrylic-treated paper-cone woofer, 7″ acrylate/”carbonium”-cone passive radiator.
Crossover Frequency: 2.3kHz.
Frequency response: 40Hz-20kHz, ±3dB.
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal.
Sensitivity: 87dB/1W/1m.
Power requirements: 30-200W.
Dimensions: 39½” H by 9½” W by 11½” D. Weight: 60 lbs each.