Pro-Ject Tube Box SE II Phono Preamp

R10,000.00 R5,500.00


Tubes: 2x 12AX7 (With EAT Tube Dampers preinstalled)

MM Capacitance: 120, 220, 340 and 440pf @ 47k ohms (Selectable)

MC Input Impedance: 17, 18, 20, 22, 69, 100 and 220 ohms (Selectable)

Gain: MM 40dB / MC 60dB

Output Voltage 300mV / 1kHz, 0.3mV / 1kHz (MC input)

Noise Floor: MM -95dB / MC -75dB

THD: MM 0.03% / MC 0.1%

RIAA Curve Accuracy:  ±0.3dB Max (20-20kHz)

Subsonic Filter 18Hz at 24dB/octave

Power Supply Output Voltage: 16 VAC @ 1,000mA

Dimensions (WHD) 4 x 2-3/4 x 6-1/4 in.

Weight 2.3 lbs


Using a pair of 12AX7s for the output, the Tube Box SE II is housed in a special metal casing to protect the delicate phono signal from EMI/RFI and provides protection from vibration. The circuitry has been optimized with a shorter signal path, and is now laid out in a true dual-mono configuration. Multiple selectable impedance settings are provided for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. A defeatable subsonic filter helps eliminate unwanted low frequency rumble. The Tube Box SE II delivers the magical warmth and richness that only tubes can deliver.