Naim NAT 5i Integrated and CD Player

R45,000.00 R22,000.00

A vivid, muscular device
Once through Florence And The Machine’s Lungs is enough to demonstrate just what a vivid, muscular device this is – the Naim’s combination of refinement and realism makes long listening sessions an absolute pleasure.

Dynamic prowess is never in question, detail is retrieved and relayed explicitly without impinging on the overall picture, and low frequencies punch with the sort of implacable solidity Naim might once have deemed flashy.

This dynamic vigorousness, which puts the Naim’s declared power rating of 50W per channel into some question, is even more pronounced playing Peace Orchestra’s Who Am I?

Integration, focus and separation are first-rate, the Naim taking the dense recording by the scruff of the neck and gripping transients, midrange plosives and top-end rattles mercilessly.

Little to grumble about
The 5i strikes the balance between full-fat, full-strength harmonic intensity and tonal lucidity with admirable skill, conjuring a presentation that’s as bludgeoning or as tender as the material demands.

It’s by no means an easy path to tread, but the Naim walks it confidently.

Downsides are few. Some will hanker after more inputs, a phono stage or a heftier remote control. But anyone who allows those shortcomings to get in the way of Nait 5i ownership has their priorities all wrong.

It’s one of a few £700-£800 stereo amps you absolutely, positively must hear before you make a purchase.


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