MartinLogan Prodigy loudspeaker Set

R150,000.00 R70,000.00

Note: Sold as a set!


Description: Hybrid electrostatic/sealed-box moving-coil loudspeaker.

Drive-units: 48″ by 16″ curvilinear electrostatic HF/midrange panel; 10″ long-excursion, aluminum-cone woofer; 10″ high-rigidity, high-excursion fiber-cone woofer with cast basket.

Bass-control switch: +3dB at 50Hz.

Crossover frequency: 250Hz.

Crossover type: quasi-second-order, 12dB/octave.

Frequency response: 28Hz-22kHz, ±3dB.

Dispersion: horizontal, 30 degrees; vertical, 4′ line source.

Sensitivity: 91dB/2.83V/m.

Nominal impedance: 4 ohms.

Minimal impedance: 1 ohm at 20kHz.

Recommended amplification: 80-300W.

Dimensions: 67″ (1702mm) H by 161/2″ (419mm) W by 28″ (711mm) D. Weight: 133 lbs (29.5kg).

Finishes: light or black oak, maple, standard; natural cherry, dark cherry, dark oak, walnut, mahogany, piano black, aniline dyes (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) available for $300-$500/pair.

Serial numbers of units reviewed: PEMAO16/17.

Price: $10,000/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 180. Warranty: 5 years with return of registration card, nontransferable.

Manufacturer: MartinLogan, Ltd., 2101 Delaware Street, Lawrence, KS 66046. Tel: (785)-749-0133. Fax: (785)-749-5320. Web:


MartinLogan Prodigy loudspeaker

The MartinLogan Prodigy reaffirmed my passion for electrostatic loudspeakers. Sure, I was swayed by the usual electrostatic attributes—low distortion, timbral accuracy, and deep, wide soundstaging that took my breath away—but there was more.

The epiphany came after I’d living with the Prodigys for two months. I don’t know why it took that long—perhaps the woofers needed the time to fully break in and reveal their full dynamic range and power-handling capabilities—but music I’d always loved then came alive in a brand-new way. Instrumental timbres and colors became much more vivid, intense, and startlingly realistic. The speakers’ dynamic range expanded, allowing them to play louder, with greater depth, three-dimensionality, and detail.

For these reasons, I strongly recommend you audition a pair of well-broken-in Prodigys with your favorite source material. Crank up the volume and listen. I promise you—the MartinLogan Prodigy will be a revelation, and the best cure for electrostatophobia.