Mark Levinson Nº33H Mono Blocks ( 2nd Pair)

R125,000.00 R89,000.00


This a 2nd pair of MArk Levinsons for sale. The other pair found a very appreciative owner in the UK.

Each monaural Nº33H weighs in at 175 pounds (over 80 kg) and takes advantage of a vertically oriented industrial design that reduces the floor space the amplifier would otherwise require. Rated at 150 watts into an 8-ohm-load, the Mark Levinson Nº33H delivers extraordinary power to the complex impedances of actual loudspeakers. Each monaural amplifier chassis employs four 60,000 μF capacitors for a total of almost 1⁄4 Farad of capacitance. A fully balanced power amplifier from input to output, the Nº33H optimizes the reproduction of today’s finest sources. It achieves common mode (noise) rejection in the loudspeaker’s voice coil, protecting the entire portion of the signal chain for which it is responsible from radiated and other forms of common mode noise.

The clarity and dynamics of the Nº33H Monaural Power Amplifier are quite stunning, particularly to those intimately familiar with the finest electronics. Additionally, the subjective noise floor seems to drop significantly, revealing myriad details in the music and a sense of soundstaging and imaging that is without peer. The Nº33H provides all the power and authority of a large amplifier design, while retaining the finesse of a smaller audiophile power amp


Finally, the big Levinson is a powerhouse of an amplifier, comfortably exceeding its rated power. Specified at 150W into 8 ohms, it actually didn’t clip (defined as 1% THD+N) into that load until 265W (24.2dBW)! And the wall AC supply, at 114.5V, was starting to droop—this means that, with its own dedicated 30A line, this amplifier will probably put out 300W into 8 ohms.

Into 4 ohms, the maximum output power almost doubled, to 500W (24dBW); into 2 ohms, 900W was available (23.4dBW). (The wall AC voltages for these power figures were 113.3V and 112.5V, respectively.) As we don’t have a dummy 1 ohm resistive load capable of sinking the almost 2kW that the Mark Levinson is presumably capable of putting out into this load, I wasn’t able to check its clipping power into 1 ohms. However, the fractional decibel drop in dBW each time the load is halved suggests that this amplifier behaves as an almost perfect voltage source.—John Atkinson


Nº33H Monaural Power Amplifier

Rated power output: 150W/ch continuous rms power @ 8Ω
300W/ch continuous rms power @ 4Ω
The above power ratings measured as continuous (rms) power
from 20Hz–20kHz with no more than 0.3% THD (assuming that the AC mains can
deliver adequate current, without its own voltage sagging)
Frequency response: within 0.2dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio
(main outputs): better than –80dB (ref. 1W)
Voltage gain: 26.8dB
Input impedance: 100kΩ (balanced)
50kΩ (single-ended)
Input sensitivity: 1.59V for full rated output
Output impedance: less than 0.05Ω from 20Hz–20kHz
Power consumption: typically 540 watts (±5%) at idle
typically 210 watts (±5%) in standby
Mains voltage: 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V, or 240V at either 50 or 60Hz, factory set for destination country
Connector complement: (2) pairs custom binding posts
(1) balanced input on XLR
(1) single-ended input on Mark Levinson RCA
(1) 3.5mm trigger out jack
(1) 3.5mm trigger in jack
(1) RJ-45 communications port (Mark Levinson Linking™)
(1) RJ-11 communications port (Mark Levinson Linking™)
(1) captive high current AC mains cord
Overall dimensions: width: 11″ (27.94cm)
height: 18.5″ (47cm)
depth: 22.875″ (58.1cm)
Shipping weight: 220lb (100kg) each