DEQX A500x1 Monoblock Amplifier

R32,000.00 R14,000.00


Key specifications (all amplifiers)
Frequency response 10 Hz – 50 kHz (+0/−3 dB)
Distortion < 0.0018% (< 10Hz – 20kHz AES17)
Dampling factor > 1000 (f < 20 kHz, Load = 4Ω)


Power output
A500x1 A250x2, A250X3 Low/Mid A250x3 High
Maximum power, 4 ohms*1 400 WRMS 250 WRMS 100 WRMS
Maximum power, 8 ohms*1 500 WRMS 200 WRMS 100 WRMS

*1. 1 kHz, THD=1%, both channels driven


DEQX A500x1 Monoblock Amplifier

The Australian company’s A500x1 monoblock offers 500 watts into 6-8 Ohms; “slightly less” into 4 Ohms. Price: US$1345. On the back panel, we find as expected, a single balanced XLR input and one pair of loudspeaker binding posts. For a normal passive loudspeaker setup where the amplifier would talk to a passive crossover housed inside the speaker, we’d run one per channel: US$2690 all up. Situation normal.

However, when partnering the A500x1 with a DEQX pre-amplifier to activate a pair of 2-way loudspeakers, we’d need two amplifiers per loudspeaker: one for the tweeter and one for the mid/bass driver. That sums to four amplifiers with a total cost of US$5380. Doubling up on amplifier casework can make DIY loudspeaker activation a costly endeavor.

On this, DEQX keeps one step ahead. Anyone not needing 500 watts per driver can look to the A500x2 that separates the A500x1’s internally bridged amplifier modules to push 2 x 250 watts from a single chassis but for the same street price: US$1345 per unit.

The A500x2’s doubling up on balanced XLR inputs and loudspeaker binding posts mean it can be run as a standard stereo power amplifier. Alternatively, an A500x2 can be applied to each loudspeaker to activate a 2-way with half the power, half the amp box count and half the cash down.

But DEQX hasn’t stopped there. Their A500x3 three-channel amplifier (US$1495) allows us to activate a single 3-way loudspeaker from a single box. ‘Round back, a trio of XLR inputs and a trio of speaker binding posts sandwich a trio of internal amplifier modules: 2 x 250 watts for the bass and mid drivers and 1 x 100 watts for the tweeter. This brings the total amplification cost for activating a pair of 3-way loudspeakers down to US$2990.

The A500x3 makes 3-way loudspeaker activation a two-box proposition: one DEQX digital processor connected via XLR cables to one DEQX amplifier, reminding us that sometimes in hi-fi we can have our cake and eat it.

Oh – and DEQX is pronounced “DECKS”.