B&W CDM SNT Surround Speakers

R14,000.00 R5,000.00

The B&W CDM SNT is the perfect option for delivering high-quality audio in your home. If you want reliability, durability, and high-fidelity, this set of main / stereo speakers is ready to please. Comedy fans, action movie buffs, and video gamers alike relish the power and design of this set of B&W speakers. This set of B&W speakers is simple to arrange and setup, featuring a pragmatic design, so you can tune into a high-quality audio experience without waiting. Because this set of main / stereo speakers features an extraordinary set of drivers, you can savor high-quality sound from your system. Plus, the excellent frequency response of the B&W CDM SNT enables you to listen to resonant lows and brilliant treble tones.


Additional Product Features

  • Speaker Type
    Main / Stereo Speakers
  • Peak Power Handling
  • Sensitivity
  • Impedance
    8 Ohm
  • Frequency Response
  • Construction