Audio Research Preamplifier LS17SE


A mint condition Audio Research for Sale. The SE version too.

The LS17 is John Wayne in Technicolor. The bass of the SE, while not much deeper, is more detailed and clearly defined. The mid range has even more of that tactile sense of real instruments in real space. The feeling of being in the recording venue has been enhanced far more than I thought possible. The top end, which with the LS17 was already extended as far as I thought it could be, now has further layers of musical definition. Finally, the sense of space between and around the musicians has expanded, reinforcing the feeling of being there. It gave me more of those suspension-of-disbelief moments than I thought possible from such seemingly insignificant changes.

Review soundstage

One good example of excellent music from the LS17 SE is “Homeless” from Paul Simon’s Graceland LP. The musicians are presented very realistically on a 3-dimensional sound stage where the individual voices of the Ladysmith Black Mambazo singers are clearly differentiated and positioned behind Paul Simon on the stage.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE: +0 – 3dB, 0.5Hz to 160kHz at rated output (Balanced, 200k ohms load).
DISTORTION: Less than .01% at 2V RMS BAL output.
GAIN: Main output: 18dB Balanced output (12dB SE output).
Record output: 0dB (Processor input: 0dB SE output).
INPUT IMPEDANCE: 120K ohms Balanced, 60K ohms SE.
Inputs (7): Balanced: BAL 2, BAL 1. SE: Aux, Tuner, CD, Proc,Monitor.
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 700 ohms Balanced, 350 ohms SE
Main. 20K ohms minimum load and 2000pF maximum capacitance.
Outputs (4): 2 main Balanced, 1 main SE, 1 Record SE.
OUTPUT POLARITY: Non – inverting.
RATED OUTPUTS: 2V RMS 1Hz to 100kHz into 200K ohm
balanced load (maximum balanced output capability is 15VRMS at less than 0.5% THD at 1kHz).
CONTROLS: Rotary volume selector (104 steps, 20 LED indicators) and rotary input selector.
Push buttons: Power, Monitor, Proc, Mute.
Also remote buttons: Bal 1, Bal 2, Aux, Tuner, CD.
POWER SUPPLIES: Electronically – regulated low and high voltage supplies.
Automatic 50 sec. warm – up/brown – out mute.
Line regulation better than .01%.
NOISE: 2.2uV RMS residual IHF weighted balanced equivalent
input noise with volume at 1 (101dB below 2V RMS output).
TUBE COMPLEMENT: 2 – 6H30P dual triode, (Hybrid JFET/tube audio circuit, solid – state power supply).
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 105 – 130VAC 60Hz (210 -260VAC50/60Hz) 50 watts maximum.
DIMENSIONS: 19″ (48 cm) W x 5.25″ (13.4 cm) H (standard rack panel) x 12″ (30.5 cm) D.
Handles extend 1.50″ (3.8 cm) forward of the front panel.
WEIGHT:13 lbs. (5.9 kg) Net; 23



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