Audio Physic Virgo V

R105,000.00 R40,000.00


Balance: Neutral. The Virgo V has an excellent tonal response, especially when the co-operation with the listening room is successfully matched.

Resolution: Excellent overall resolution. Slight lack of precision exists especially in the lower register, very much like Avanti V but may be a little bit more prominently.

Transparency: Marvellous. In this area Virgo V is very strong and competitive even with much more expensive speakers.

Treble: The treble is now among the best tweeter presentations I’ve heard. In practice the result is the same as with the Avanti V.

Midrange: If possible the Virgo V is still a bit more balanced and at least richer than its predecessor, without loosing the level of accuracy!

Bass: The bass of the Virgo V goes low, remarkably lower than the Virgo III. Anyway, the bigger sister is a step ahead here. The quality of the bass is good, but for example the slight lack of punch may disturb especially in bigger listening rooms.

Dynamics: Very good, but especially in the lower register did not quite achieve the level of the Avanti V or some other competitors.

Spatial information: It is amazing how well this small floorstanding speaker does in this area! Like the Avanti V, it is just very near the best speakers I’ve heard! The vertical dimensions of soundstaging are now clearly larger than what the predecessor had. On the other hand the images are possibly not as precisely locked in their places as Virgo III’s images.


Owning listening experiences of the Avanti V, no real surprises were registered this time. Having said that, maybe there was one after all: the range of the bass. It went a bit lower than I expected. The Virgo V came with enormous expectations which it fulfils very well. It sounds just darn good. Its very few flaws are small ones and more than acceptable when the price of the speaker is taken into account. The most significant sonic feature of the Virgo V may be that it is much more universally applicable than its predecessor. All kinds of music can be listened to without being afraid of listening tiredness or any poorness in tonality. Also, the Virgo has an even more natural treble than before and of course all the strengths which AP speakers typically have had. It will encourage you to listen to music and keeps your audio enthusiasm at a very high level. Isn’t that important!?


 Technical data

Height 990 mm / 39″
Width 230 mm / 9.1″
Depth 400 mm / 15.7″
Required Space Width x Depth 330×470 mm / 13×18.5″
Weight 27 kg
Recommended amplifier power 30-180 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range 32 Hz – 40 kHz
Sensitivity 89 dB

Price: 5990 € (cherry) in Finland