Audiolab 8000cd Player unopened Black and Silver


Review (old)

Player 8000CD – the best illustration of what has been said. Design in the British kept. The device has a simple, but solidly made and durable chassis, the front panel is devoid of decorations and all the extra buttons. Behind the large window in the center of the displayed simple two-line display. On external parameters, as you can see, very modest. But filling can not command respect – in this model applies “specifically designed” for CD playback mechanism in digital path installed expensive delta/sigma converters Crystal fifth generation format 192bit/24 kHz. The power supply system is divided into two parts and services analog and digital stages independently – the developers have attempted to build a player, which used the same internal architecture as well as in separate blocks transport/DAC. In addition 8000CD has dual analog stage – on the back you'll find two pairs of line outputs.

Player sounds in the best traditions of the brand. It has a very clean, balanced, neutral sound, which is not even a hint of coloration. The absence of any ad-libbing in itself is an advantage, although fans emotional open sound likely deem too boring machine, unemotional and pedantic. Meanwhile he behaves exemplary at the edges of the range. Solid bass, dynamic and informative – lowercase felt great potential. He must be able to beat not only its direct rivals, but also much more expensive competitors. Lower median and does not cause problems. But the main strip is passed formally, without a spark. Informativeness is very high, but a little lacking plastics. Upper range does not shine sparkling dynamics, but not aggressive. Thus it is crystal clear. Detail player here can be described as very good.

In asset write and sound stage. Bribe primarily depth and clarity remote plans – this criterion 8000CD looks advantageous even against much more expensive players High End. On haze or veil is not even a hint. Also there is a reference to the sound stage speakers or false sources. Front well focused and unambiguous. Of course, this would not prevent the machine with the best play space corporeality, but even some of the virtual scene can not be denied that the 8000CD has the gift of music to show stereo image in detail.

Depth and clarity removal plan looks advantageous even against much more expensive players High End.





Signal to noise ratio : Better than 100dBA

Finish : Silver

Output impedance : 100 Ohms

Frequency Response 1 : 20Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.5dB

Digital Output : SPDIF

Output level : 2.4V rms

Channel Separation CD : Better than 100dB @ 1kHz