Audio Aero Capitole


This amplifier sold for $8900 and is in MINT condition!


Right from the start I was struck by the powerful, light-filled sound of the Capitole, thinking that it reminded me of an amalgam of two amps I’ve reviewed previously: the Mesa Baron (which in one of its early incarnations also used two different output tubes) and the OTL Joule Electra VZN-80 Mk III. Like the Baron, the Capitole pumps out the music, having no trouble with dynamic challenges. And like the Joule Electra amp, there is a very appealing uncongested quality to the Capitole’s performance that makes individual sounds seem very singular and whole. The Capitole is not a traditionally tubey tube amp — its sound is far too nimble and resolving for that. Instead, it does its job with airiness, openness and light, among other things.

Review 2

In my opinion, the Capitole is the perfect amp for me. Its sound quality is AAA+, it offers a soundstage like no other I’ve heard, it has plenty of power especially when supplying those big bass notes, and it looks sensational, all while maintaining that lovely valve feel.

It’s not exactly cheap, but I realized very quickly that the Audio Aero Capitole is one those products that I just cannot live without. Consequently, I have purchased the unit I have under scrutiny. The unit now proudly sits in the center of my reference system, to have and to hold from this day forth. I cannot think of any better endorsement than that. Congratulations and thank you Audio Aero. Keep up the superb work.


Frequency range : 7 Hz – 50 kHz (-1dB)
Output power : 50 W Class A / 8 ohms
Input impedance : 10 K Ohms
Input sensitivity : 0,8V
Rise time : 1,7 us
Signal to noise ratio : 70dB
THD : < 0,2
Power supply : 100 / 120 / 230 / 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption : 400W
Tubes : 6SN7GT, E34L, KT88
Inputs : single-ended RCA and balanced XLR
Outputs : gold plated five-way binding posts (4 & 8 ohms)
Weight : 38kg. / 82lbs
Dimensions : 520 x 395 x 285 mm