Apogee Acoustics Scintillas 1ohm



The reviewers said:
It is said that Scintillas have a certain magic in the mid range and indeed I found this to be the case. Voices are superbly clear and clean but also incredibly lifelike. The mid range reminds of what modern Martin Logans sound like, but without their inherent colouration and beamy “forward” or “in your face” tendency. And in spite of there being no pre amp in the system, there is none of the emptiness, treble brittleness or lack of colour that I often experience in such minimized systems. Most notably is the coherence and transparency, braced by gentle and airy highs on the one end and firm, tuneful bass on the other end. A Scintilla is essentially a Full Range reduced in size, but this is not evident from a lack of bass or overall power
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Height 147cm
Width 83cm at base tapering to 74cm
Depth 9cm

Bass driver Aluminum/Kapton panel (hand cut)
Midrange 2 inch wide aluminum foil
Tweeter 2 x half inch wide aluminum foil

Max Sound Level 110db
Sensitivity 79dB in 4 ohm / 85dB in 1 ohm
Frequency response 20Hz (-6dB) to 20kHz
Suggested amp power 100W*
Impedance nominal 1 – start of production until 1996/7 1ohm only afterwards

Weight 82kg (180lbs) each

Fully refurbished in the UK by authorized Apogee installer with new ribbons, audiophile grade crossover components & binding posts, new automotive gloss paint.