Anthem MCA225 Stereo Power Amplifier


A strong endorsement for the Anthem MCA 225.

Armando from Palm Springs, CA on 5/29/2018

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I tried 3 high quality amps to drive my Martin Logan Expression 13A electrostatics before settling on the Anthem MCA 225. Part of the Masterpiece series, the ML’s each have twin internal 300W Class D amps to drive dual 10 inch woofers, so the Anthem only needs to drive the electrostatic panels, which are hardly an easy load. It does so effortlessly. Even heavily orchestrated musical passages contained in Mahler symphonies, with 100+ musicians blasting away, come across with great clarity. Instrument separation is terrific. The soundstage is incredibly large, present and realistic. Playing Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor turns my 14×20 room into a cathedral. The organ’s low registers in particular would be felt by the neighbors were it not that I live in a condo with no shared walls. I no longer need to go to the Roosevelt Chapel at the University of Chicago to hear powerful organ music powerfully rendered. Coupled with the 851N Cambridge Audio network streamer, my rig is now everything I was hoping for and far more, for all kinds of music. Bohemian Rhapsody has never sounded to good. To say that I now enjoy a good 6 hours a day listening to music in retirement is probably an understatement. The Anthem amp made my $15,000 speaker investment worthwhile, even to my spouse. As high end amps go, its easy on the pocketbook. Many thanks to my Crutchfield adviser Allen. I trusted his recommendation on the Anthem MCA 225 and could not be happier.

Pros: Effortless, clear sound in simple arrangements or heavily orchestrated passages. Amazingly realistic sound. Tons of power for speakers who love it.

Cons: It doesn’t even get hot. Is it on? I see the blue light so it must be.



(Continuous RMS, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, <1% THD)
225 W 400 W 600 W
Inputs Single-Ended, Balanced, Relay Trigger (3.5-mm Mono Jack)
Outputs Speaker Binding Posts, Relay Trigger (3.5-mm Mono Jack)
Front Panel Power (On/Off)
Rear Panel 3 On/Off Modes (Trigger, Manual, Auto)
at 1 kHz 0.0010%
at 20 kHz 0.015%
IMD AT 100 W
ITU-R (19 kHz + 20 kHz) 0.0005%
SMPTE (60 Hz + 7 kHz) 0.002%
open circuit ± 0.1 dB
± 0.1 dB
± 0.1 dB
± 0.2 dB
SNR, IEC-A, ref. 225 W 120 dB
Power Bandwidth, -3 dB at 200 W into 8 ohms 90 kHz
Slew Rate 30 V/μs
Damping Factor, 20 Hz to 1 kHz 300
Channel Separation, 100 Hz to 10 kHz >65 dB
Input Impedance (RCA / XLR) 10 kΩ / 15 kΩ
Input Sensitivity, 225 W into 8 Ω 1.5 Vrms
Voltage Gain 29 dB
standby idle typical high output
MCA 525 2.0 W 80 W 550 W 1200 W
MCA 325 1.4 W 47 W 350 W 750 W
MCA 225 1.0 W 35 W 240 W 500 W
Height 6-5/8″ (16.9 cm)
Height with Rackmount Kit 4U
Width 17-1/4″ (43.9 cm)
Depth 18-1/8″ (46 cm)
MCA 525 61 lb (27.5 kg)
MCA 325 43 lb (19.5 kg)
MCA 225 40 lb (18 kg)