Van Den Hul

For years Van den Hul made cables that satisfied every niche in the market. From budget to exotic. Part of the original cable revolution that believed the “last” part in the chain is also important.

Van den Hul experimented with hundreds of different combinations and today you have a pick of carbon, silver, copper and even platinum as signal wire!

Their newest cables now uses combinations of metals and precious metals to improve even more.

One of the few surviving MASTERS in cartridge designs, Van den Hul’s phono-cartridges are among the very best, exclusive and miniature wonders.

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Notable Models

Van den Hul Colibri

Our top model custom handbuilt phono cartridge, featuring matched crystal copper coils and 0.22 or 0.30mV/channel output. A version with matched crystal gold coils and 0.38 mV/channel output is also available.

As a result of phono cartridge builder A.J. van den Hul’s continuous research into improving his phono cartridge designs The COLIBRI has seen the light of day.

The COLIBRI is the improved successor to our GRASSHOPPER “BEAUTY” series of phono cartridges where many building components have been removed in a highly successful quest to return to the plain essence of phono transduction.

The result is an unbelievably straightforward sounding “clean and open” design, in all its aspects bearing much resemblance to the “Colibri” named tropical bird’s swiftness, elegance and beauty; Hence the cartridge’s name.

  • Van den Hul Nova

    The NOVA is a slightly thinner version of our The SUPER NOVA.

    The NOVA contains four separate very heavy AWG 8 (8.4 mm²) conductors and is fit with an extra double shield to avoid external signal interference.

    As a BRIGHT STAR amongst our range of heavy speaker cables, The NOVA is specially designed for the highly demanding audiophile who wants the best, though under a slightly more limited budget.

    With its heavy AWG 8 (8.4 mm²) conductors The NOVA packs a GALACTIC amount of ultra-transparent conductive power, making it excellent for use in medium to high power high-end home, car hi-fi and PA systems.

  • Van den Hul 3T The Cumulus Hybrid

    This is your final loudspeaker cable. No need to look around for a better one!

    The 3T The Cumulus Hybrid is our most prestigious speaker cable.

    The gold colored Hulliflex insulation surrounds a real sturdy loudspeaker cable with a very impressive sound-quality combined with an impressive visual performance.

    Also the 3T The Cumulus Hybrid has a quad construction with 4 separate Hulliflex insulated conductors.

    Each of the 4 AWG – 5 (!!!) 3T conductors in The Cumulus is made of a group of multiple 3T strands to produce the best sound quality ever. The 3T The Cumulus Hybrid has an outer diameter close to 27.0 mm.

  • Van den Hul Orchid

    “Like a flower is born by its stem, musical beauty can only be conveyed by using the very best of cable technology”.

    The ORCHID is our first audio interconnect cable to employ our newly developed “Tunnel Technology”: a clever combination of physical concepts which oppose the signal level and frequency dependent behaviour of electrical signal transfer in cables.
    Our Tunnel Technology’s underlying philosophy is that the longer the distance of – and the better – the path is along which the signal carrying electrons and their related electromagnetic waves can flow unimpededly in an audio cable, the less disturbances the signal and sound will undergo.

    As the result of its applied Tunnel Technology, its high quality materials and its meticulous manufacture, The ORCHID provides an exceptional dynamic range and frequency response. The ORCHID furthermore is characterised by its impeccable preservation of resolution, ambience and definition, its unbelievable reproduction of space and distance as well as its extremely natural, open and nonfatiguing sound. An excellent choice for the demanding audiophile!

    The anatomy of a flower:

    The ORCHID is a slim but very robust, 2.9 mm diameter, three conductor (balanced) interconnect equipped with a solid core centre conductor designed for maximum sonic performance. (The cable’s construction ensures that the core is virtually unbreakable).

    In The ORCHID only the highest quality materials are used:

    The purest and most carefully processed dense Silver coated Matched Crystal Oxygen Free Copper conductors.
    Lossless and extremely stable insulation materials.
    A rugged HULLIFLEX ® jacket.
    The cable’s so-called triaxial construction embraces a dense braided 80 strand shield, a similar underlying 48 strand second shield/signal conductor and a solid signal core. The internal insulators furthermore are Linear Structured Carbon ® treated.

  • Van den Hul Jubilee

    As such The JUBILEE HYBRID features:

    Pure Silver
    The JUBILEE HYBRID’s balanced lay out features two internal signal conductors, each made of 3 lacquer coated signal wires are of the highest grade pure silver.
    The use of special techniques during manufacturing also prevents aging of the wires, such generally caused by external processes like bending and/or soldering.
    Balanced Construction
    Supplied wired as an unbalanced interconnect and equipped with RCA type connectors, The JUBILEE HYBRID’s balanced construction with two centre conductors is used to its full audiophile potential: both cable’s silver cores are solely used to transfer the audio signal (i.e. one serving as signal up and the other as signal return), thus implementing an ultra-resolution 100% solid silver wired audio signal path.
    Moisture Protection
    Surrounding the centre conductors, special treated artificial filler fibres provide a perfect protection against moisture penetration. In high humidity (tropical) environments, moisture penetration normally can induce losses and deteriorate time alignment due to enlarged parasitic capacitance.
    Triple Shielding
    The JUBILEE HYBRID’s triple layer shielding provides a perfect protection against penetration of radio frequency and other electromagnetic interference into your audio signals. The triple shielding consists of 2 helical layers of together 192 strands made of dense silver coated OFC copper with an extra layer of Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) saturated tape in between.
    Ground End
    In RCA connector terminated version, The JUBILEE HYBRID’s triple shield is connected to ground only at one side of the cable. As such it functions as a true screen: Not carrying any audio signal, it screens the inner audio conductors and drains away unwanted noise to the signal source’s ground. The related side of the cable is indicated by means of a ground-end marking sticker and is advised to be connected signal source side to achieve the best sonic quality.
    The JUBILEE HYBRID’s outer jacket is made of our rugged and hard-wearing HULLIFLEX ® , a plasticizer and halogen free insulation material. This jacket provides improved flexibility and a better protection against environmental chemical agents. The result is a very stable sound quality and a long lifespan.
    24 Carat Gold Plated Connectors
    The use of nickel free (non-magnetic) high grade RCA type connectors, which are respectively plated with copper, silver and 24 carat gold, makes a considerable contribution to the excellent quality of The JUBILEE HYBRID.

Entry Level Speaker Cable Priced per (2 x 3.5m) Terminated

Twin R 1 505.70
Clearline R 1 568.70
Skyline HB R 1 827.00
Snowline R 2 047.50
CT2 R 2 047.50
Skytrack HB R 2 072.70
Goldwater R 2 394.00
Artic R 2 488.50
Clearwater R 2 551.50
CS-122 HB R 3 710.70

High End Speaker Cable Priced per (2 x 3.5m) Terminated

Wind R 7 533.00
Breeze R 8 793.00
D-352 HB R 7 047.00
Revolution HB R 11 363.40
Teatrack BW R 7 326.00
Magnum HB R 8 968.50
Relevation HB R 20 183.40
Inspiration HB BW R 17 361.00
SCS-4 R 33 426.00
SCS-2 R 47 286.00
Nova R 41 483.70
Supernova BW R 47 776.50
Cumulus R 136 867.50
Cumulus BW R 146 317.50

Interconnects Priced per 1m XLR or RCA

Flexicon R 1 255.50
D-102 V R 1 480.50
PatchBay R 1 485.00
D-102 III HB R 2 151.00
Waterfall R 2 511.00
Integration HB R 2 839.50
Thunderline R 3 555.00
Second R 3 838.50
3T The River R 4 005.00
3T The Valley R 5 301.00
3T The Sea R 4 815.00
Silver Jubilee R 5 625.00
MC Gold HB R 6 561.00
Orchid R 7 155.00
3T The Rock R 9 135.00
3T The Hill R 13 905.00
3T The Mountain R 19 350.00
MC Silver IT MKII R 27 441.00
MC Silver IT MKIII R 37 260.00
MC Platinum MKII R 102 555.00