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Valve Audio is one of the most respected names in valve amplification and our products are designed and produced in South Africa.

The Whisper, Valve Audio’s phono pre-amplifier, is ready and in production. Hear what you have been missing.

Amplifier design and manufacture are we do and is our only focus.

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VA Genesis Mono 1KW Own the ultimate in valve amplification. The Genesis far supersedes any other Valve Audio product. A state of the art 1 kilowatt mono amplifier.
VA Genesis Mono 1KW The Genesis power amplifier is a balanced bridge design utilising both the 6922 and 6H30 valves in classic differential configuration driving 48 output mosfet transistors. The Genesis is also available in seperate chassis mono construction but on special order only. This is a unit for those who require ultimate power and control.
VA Genesis Mono inside
  • Predator
    Designed to meet the need for a high power integrated hybrid amplifier, the Predator provides state of the art signal processing using classic cathode follower and plate-loaded techniques with absolute minimal local feedback. Ultra high-speed rectifiers are used in a dual mono layout, sharing only the transformer. Plate-loading the driver stages offers high levels of transparency and detail.
    VA Predator Non-inverting
    250 Watts per channel @ 8ohm
    Power supply: 625VA
    Toroidal transformer
    Tube complement: 4 x 6922
    6 pairs of complementary mosfets
    Volume pot: Alps Blue Velvet
    Faceplate: 8mm
    Weight: 12kg
    VA Predator VA Predator
  • Exclame 100

    Valve Audio Exclame 100 Utilizing only one triode, in this execution of this plucky little amplifier, the valve is plate loaded directly by a dual pair of mosfets per channel. The power supply has also been redesigned around a new 300VA toroidal transformer and Valve Audio’s High Yield Rectification (HYR), and split power rails to both channels. This greatly enhances the dynamic capabilities of the amplifier.
    100 watts per channel @ 8ohm
    Power supply: 300VA
    Toroidal transformer
    Tube complement 1x 6922
    Four pairs of complementary mosfets
    Volume potentiometer, Noble standard grade
    Weight: 8.5kg
    Valve Audio Exclame 100 Added now also is the use of microprocessor control as opposed to the logic control of the previous
    models. This allows the use of remote control which is what most customers have asked for in a
    follow-up model. Emulating all manual controls on the amplifier, the remote control also adds a mute
    function and is available in the standard model as well as the all metal version for an added premium.
    Valve Audio Exclame 100
  • BlackWidow Preamp

    VA BlackWidow Pre The Black Widow pre-amplifier is a single ended design utilising 4 x 6922 tubes. The input stage consists of a differential design with cathode follower output configured for 0v DC output, enabling no capacitive coupling to output.
    VA BlackWidow Pre Specifications
    Dual mono design
    Single ended design
    Power supply: 120VA total
    Toroidal transformers
    Tube complement: 4 x 6922
    Faceplate: 12mm
    Weight: 9kg

  • Genesis Preamplifier
    VA Genesis Preamp The Genesis pre-amplifier is a fully balanced design utilising both the 6922 and 6H30 valves in classic differential configuration. Volume control is achieved by phase cancellation using the Alps Blue Velvet volume control. Dedicated transformers for logic, low voltage and high voltage supplies.
    Dual mono design
    Fully balanced design
    480 VA total toroidal power transformers
    Tube complement: 4 x 6922, 4 x 6H30
    Dimensions W 450, H 115, D 500 (mm)
    Weight: 22kg
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